Party Volunteers

Party volunteers have the fun task of helping us thank all of our hard-working Cleanup volunteers for a job well-done! Families or kids groups are invited to volunteer together. Some friends of divers also enjoy volunteering at the party while friends dive.

Registration for the 2019 Lake Travis Cleanup opens Aug. 7!

Questions about volunteering for the Lake Travis Cleanup After Party?
Please contact the Colorado River Alliance at 512.498.1587, or send us a message and we will get back with you!

Volunteer ActivityNumber of Volunteers NeededTimeClick ‘Register’ to see volunteer tasks for each activity
Party Set UpFilled!9:00AM-11:30AMRegister
Welcome Committee –1st ShiftFilled!11:00AM-12:15PMRegister
Welcome Committee –2nd ShiftFilled12:15PM-1:30PMRegister
Most Unusual Object Contest TableFilled!11:00AM-12:45PMRegister
Check-in/T-shirt Table –1st ShiftFilled!11:00AM-12:15PMRegister
Check-in/T-shirt Table –2nd ShiftFilled!12:15PM-1:30PMRegister
Food Servers –1st ShiftFilled!11:00AM-12:15PMRegister
Food Servers –2nd ShiftFilled!12:15PM-1:30PMRegister
Food Supervisor –1st ShiftFilled!11:00AM-12:15PMRegister
Waste Disposal Monitors –1st ShiftFilled!11:30AM-12:30PMRegister
Waste Disposal Monitors –2nd ShiftFilled!12:30PM-1:30PMRegister
Party Break-downFilled!1:30PM-2:30PMRegister
Finley HelperFilled!11:30AM-1:30PMRegister

Schedule of Events for Party Volunteers:

Party set-up begins: volunteers help set-up tables, food service area, registration areas and educational booths.

11:30am-12:45pm Volunteers help serve food, man booths, greet Cleanup volunteers, choose unusual items and hand out door prizes.

Party volunteers help break down event.